Treasurer Triples up for a big team payout!                                By Roger Bannister Sheffield Publicity Officer

Your treasurer might not always be given a good press, paying the bills, asking for money from members and trying to balance the books!  In a recent derby match he used his stead fastness, consistency and tactical awareness to get a well deserved maximum!  He beat his opponents all in 4 , even though they were a lot younger! The end result was favourable for his team Vulcan J 2 Vulcan H 8.

Abbeydale D continue their winning streak, with a 6 4 win against Crookes C.  This was despite Steve Chu and Glenn Carson winning two each for Crookes.   An Under staffed Shiregreen A lost easily to Vulcan C 2 8.

In a local derby it was the younger team that came out victorious. Abbeydale E 1 Abbeydale G 9.   Vulcan F played Hallam Grange A, it was an easy win for the visitors 2 8 with Calvin Clarke winning his three!

Hallam Grange C, white washed a lack lustre High Green A, with several matches being conceded due to the inclement weather. The result was 10 nil, but the snow definitely played its part!   Crookes E played host to Clifton B despite a good showing from Sean Lawson it was mainly one way traffic in a 2 8 result; with Stuart Element winning his three with aplomb!

Dronfield played Vulcan J week and fortune this time shown on the Home side with a 7 3 result !   Telecom A now are unstoppable and racked up another victory, this time against Albert Premier B 7 3. with Phil Powell winning 3. Crookes J narrowly lost to Shiregreen C 4  6.

In the top of the table clash in Division 6, Wadsley Bridge D narrowly lost to Albert Premier C 4 6!

It was a result that could effect who is the Champion of Division 6.  We shall see who wears this crown and the Divisions above in a few weeks!