Albert Premier B beat Dronfield to keep hopes alive!      By Roger Bannister Sheffield Publicity
With less than a couple of Months to go its all to play for in most divisions! Even teams still to win a match can save themselves from certain relegation, if they apply themselves correctly.
A much improved Albert Premier B played away at Dronfield. Christian Oughton won his three, Ross Stewart Young and John Sumner both won 2 to make the result 7 3 to Albert Premier! This gives them a chance to avoid relegation!
In Division 1, a Will Bayley hat trick for Vulcan A earned them a point at Abbeydale A. Meanwhile Stocksbridge A continue to mount up the sets with a 9 1 win against Abbeydale B, with Jack Grant and Darren Lindley winning 3 a piece. Jeff Tham beating Simon Pugh 19-17 in the fifth game to obtain Abbeydale B's only set! Vulcan B benefited when playing a changed Crookes B, but Crookes B stalwarts Tim Denby and Jake Meikle with 3 wins each and the doubles between them were enough for a 3 7 win at Vulcan!

Even with 3 wins Ernest Mpundu Albert Premier A lost 4 6 to Swallownest MW B. Anthony Parkin found that even winning 3 and the doubles was not enough for Northern General C to get a point as they went down to Vulcan D 4 6!
Down to 3 and Rotherham Scorpions B used home advantage to beat Abbeydale G 6 4!

In Division 4 Crookes H beat Hallam Grange D 8 2, with 3 for Mo Arshid and two each for Ron Watson and John Helliwell! Wadsley Bridge A lost to Clifton B 3 7 when Stuart Element and Jimmy Pugh both got three and combined to win the doubles.
In 5 Vulcan J beat Crookes J 6 4 , Jordan Taylor won 3 to steer his team mates onto victory. Vulcan H lost to an in form HSBC 1 9. In a closely contested fixture where several games went the distance Pete Hooton and Adam Smithson both won 3. The white wash was stopped by Stan Wainwright beating Zhe Dong in the tenth set! Abbeydale K without their top scorer, took apart the bottom side Wadsley bridge C, 9 1 with 3 each for Chris Meek and David Elliot and Mark Sheikh winning 2.
Roger Bannister