Powerplay by Stocksbridge in Local derby                  By Roger Bannister Sheffield Publicity

In an overwhelming show of Power Stocksbridge A Defeated Stocksbridge B with only two of the sets going to Five. But, Stocksbridge A ran out quite easy winners in the End 10 0.  Darren Lindley, Simon Pugh and Jack Grant all tripling up!  At a Crookes derby Crookes A beat Crookes B 7 3 with Richard Lightowler and Mark Short winning 3 a piece and the doubles.  Vulcan B were ripped apart by Abbeydale A:!  Andy Henry and Isabel Ashley winning three each in 1 9 win.

In the second division Clifton A beat Shiregreen A, who seem to be struggling to field a full team! 6 4 was the end result.  In a well mannered and closely fought match Vulcan D lost to Albert Premier A, with Ernest Mpudu winning his three.  Vulcan C won against Crookes D 7 3 with Glen Carson and Steve Chu winning three each.   Albert Premier A the following week beat Crookes D 7 3 in a good alround team performance. Abbeydale C were beaten by their D team 4 6. Ziggy Mohammed winning his three!

In three Vulcan E beat Crookes E 8 2, with Steve Parkinson winning all three.  Meanwhile Crookes F beat Vulcan F 6 4, with Ian Burnell winning all his matches.

Also at Home Crookes H found Vulkcan G a bit too hot to handle losing 2  8.

Down to Division 5 and Vulcan J beat Albert Premier B 8 2. Jordan Taylor winning his matches.  Vulcan H lost 7 3 to Telecom A.   Crookes J fought out a Draw against Abbeydale K.    Albert Premier B got a well earned draw against Vulcan H, with Chrissy Sykes winning 3. Telecom roll forward with another win, this time against Dronfield, 8  2 the outcome! High Green B lose to Shiregreen C 3  7. Zhe Dong, Adam Smithson and Peter Hooton all tripled up for HSBC in a 9  1 win against Vulcan J!

Telecom B beat Hallam Grange E 8  2 with Ian Gardiner and Lynda Lowthorpe winning 3 a piece ! Tapton B were obliterated 10 nil against Abbeydale L. Tapton Hill A lost 2 8 to the leaders Wadsley Bridge D with Steve Cross winning 3! Tapton A drew with Tapton B 5 5.