Time to put away the xmas Turkey and Play TT                                By Roger Bannister Sheffield Publicity

 Albert Premier won their first game and How!  John Sumner, Christian Oughton and Graham Beck all tripled out beating Wadsley Bridge C 10 0

 Crookes B battered Abbeydale B 8 2 , with only Jeff Tham showing any resistance. Andy Henry was “smoking! As he rattled up 3 for Abbeydale A, but that was all as Crookes Conquered them 7 3! Jack Grant and Simon Pugh both won 3 as Stocksbridge A beat Northern General A 8 2.  An off form Bill Grant contributed to Northern General A coffers, but Stocksbridge B still out powered them 2 8 and away from Home.  Stocksbridge A's Darren Lindley, Stephen Horsfield and Simon Pugh all scored 3 as they soundly beat Vulcan B 10 0.

Northern General B on fire again, beating Crookes D 9 1 and then in week 12, showed good form to beat Albert Premier B away from Home 7-3! A Cliff Glaves Snr, Vulcan D, Hat trick condemned Abbeydale C to 6 4 lose.  Big Cliff only won 2 the following week as Clifton A beat his Vulcan D side 6 4 with Zolton Kulic 3 and Victor Varnai 2 doing the damage!  Northern General C were easily beaten 8 2 by Vulcan C. Clifton A lost to Crookes C 4 6 with Steve Chu winning all his sets. Abbeydale C beat Swallownest MW B 7 3.  Abbeydale D beat Shiregreen A 9 1.  

  Abbeydale E got back to winning ways beating Crookes D 6 4, but, slumped 6 4 to Vulcan E the following week!  Richard Horsfield and Mick Garrett of Crookes E  both won three in a closely fought 6 4 win against Abbeydale F.  Shiregreen B beat Crookes F, by the narrowest margin 6 4, then Drew with Vulcan E to get three well earned points.

 , well done guys!  Hallam Grange D were overwhelmed by the superior numbers of Crookes G losing 2 8.  Crookes G then had to face Cricketers at home, Cricketers played with a straight bat and won 7 3.  Hallam Grange D then played Abbeydale J away losing 1 9.  Telecom A put in another good performance beating Vulcan J 9 1. HSBC beat Crookes J 7 3. 

Abbeydale K without their top scorer narrowly lost to HSBC 4 6. Vulcan H drew with Shiregreen C.   With a good team performance, the following week Vulcan H beat High Green B away 7 3. Vulcan J drew with Wadsley Bridge B.

Tapton B fought bravely but succumbed to the greater firepower of Albert Premier C 3 7.  With a triple Martin Hill, gets Tapton B a draw against Hallam Grange E Abbeydale L fought hard but lost 3 7 to Albert Premier C!