Crosby, Morgan and Lightowler hit top note By Roger Bannister Sheffield Publicity
It used to be Crosby, Stills and Nash at Christmas! This year it is Steve Crosby, Pete Morgan Junior and Richard Lightowler playing the tune for Crookes A against Vulcan B, getting near the top of the shop with 9 1 win! With a near faultless performance.
Scorpions A shared the Christmas cheer with Abbeydale A Messrs Bibby, Hastie, Johnson, Henry and Mason and a Touch of feminity applied by Isobel Ashley meant all smiled at the end of the night! With a 5 5 result. Swallownest MW A played Stocksbridge B; it was a 1 9 result! Bill Grant was soundly beaten in the first Game by Sarah Short and that was the end of the xmas cheer for Swallownest anyway.
Crookes C beat Shiregreen A despite Mark Croggan winning two. Matt Bacon, Steve Chu and Liam Carson went home with a 7 3 result. Crookes C the following week were winners by the same score, whilst despatching Abbeydale C, with Tim Wright winning two and Winston Campbell managing 1 for Abbeydale! Northern General C beat Albert Premier A 7 3 despite Sue Gilroy former world number two losing to Chris Hoole and Ben Crapper!
Justin Tetlow, Alan Waistnedge and J Kortlander of Crookes F beat bottom side Abbeydale H 8 2, in Division 3.
Meanwhile a division below Crookes H lost to Hallam Grange B 3 7 with Ian Folger winning all his matches and a concession at game 10 robbing Ron Watson of a well deserved double! In a local derby played in week 12, it fell to a good alround team result for Hallam B to beat their C side 7 3. Cricketers seem to have lost their way a bit in the last few weeks and with James Chenery wining all his three and the double, it was a Vulcan G 6 4 victory..
Meanwhile Rob Vaughan of High Green B won three again, this time against Wadsley Bridge C, without even losing a set. This meant an 8 2 win for High Green, all done away from Home! Mike Ward of Dronfield won three and was backed up by Ian Geddes to get a draw against Abbeydale K! With three a piece for Ron Firth and Phil Powell laying the foundations, it was an easy 8 2 victory for Telecom A. Robin Hancock losing to Alan Scott of Crookes J. But Telecom A roared back the following week winning 10 0 against Wadsley Bridge C. Robin Hancock, Ron Firth and Jeff Calvert all winning three each, in a one sided encounter! High Green B, not playing Rob Vaughan could only manage a draw against a depleted Vulcan J! Crookes J got into gear again with a win away from home, at Albert Premier B 6 4 on week 11.
In Division 6 father and son duo Steve and Jack Cross of Wadsley Bridge D both won 3 to beat Hallam Grange E 6 4 !
Happy Xmas and a merry New year to all!