Sometimes it is about the competition more than winning By Roger Bannister Sheffield Publicity
We all like to win, come on lets be honest! But sometimes we cant win and we have to appreciate, that to get better we all have to play people, a slight bit better player than us on the night, to get better in the long run!
Albert Premier B, have been struggling this year, with up and coming juniors, mixed in with senior players. They might not have won yet, but all their perseverence to play better and eventually win if not the match, a few games! Without teams like this we would not have a league, so let us take time out to applaud their and other teams, that are struggling, but getting better and adding to the leagues diversity and strength.
Thanks to Graham Beck, Christian Oughton, Ross Stewart Young and the rest of Albert Premier B, who will soon be on winning ways!
Anthony Parkin and Kevin Ploughman of Northern General C managed to Beat Crookes D 6-4. Their B Side drew with Clifton A due to Valentinas Riauba hat trick, with Martynas and Orestas both winning one for Northern General B.
Rotherham Scorpions B of Edmond Lau, Jamie Hudd and Lewis Ellams, beat Abbeydale E 6 4, with a good team performance in a very competitive match
John Daniels despite winning two was unable to stop Hallam Grange E going down 6 4 to a much improved Abbeydale J. Northern General D faced an Experienced Clifton B, with Terry Curran, Jimmy Pugh and Trevor Bland, Experience prevailed 7 3! Wadsley Bridge A despite strengthening their team lost away at High Green A by the narrowest margins 6 4. With Mick Shelton, Mel Rowbottom and Mick Large all winning two, Martin Stenton winning all his matches.
Meanwhile Albert Premier C rollout another victory this time against Tapton B, with Hat tricks for Shaun Alvey and Steve Turner, combining in the doubles to win 7 3