Scorpions A sting Vulcan B for easy Victory By Roger Bannister Sheffield Publicity 
Vulcan A were showed what Power Table Tennis can be like when Stocksbridge B played away! With Richard Element and Andrew Horsfield winning three backed up with Nick Ryder, Stocksbridge B winning 2 8. Rotherham Scorpions A played at Vulcan B, with some ease Scorpions despatched their prey 8 2!
In Division 3 ex Cable players Andy White, Andy Burton and Kevin Horseman of Abbeydale E beat their club Colleagues of Abbeydale F 6 4 with a good alround team performance!
Abbeydale J dropped in David Chan to ensure a victory against Crookes K 7 3. With David winning 3 at ease! Vulcan's G Steve Wilson, John Bradshaw and Lewis Fox beat Hallam Grange D 7 3 with Steve Wilson winning all his matches!
Emma Hickman of Abbeydale K won 3 again, with Chris Meek and Mark Sheik winning two each against Albert Premier B. With Albert Premier B struggling to stay in Division 5, this 8 2 loss added to their woes. Not yet having won a match!
Another team struggling in the bottom Division, Tapton A ,won their first match of the season! It was thanks to Dennis Slater's two and the doubles that the bottom team in the league started their comeback! Congratulations to Dennis!