Tham's the way to do it! By Roger Bannister Sheffield Publicity
Abbeydale B's Jeff Tham was back to winning way, taking all three against Vulcan B. Rowan Jones won 1 and combined with Jeff to win the doubles and get Abbeydale B a draw. Richard Lightowler showed Crookes A the way to beat Stocksbridge A 6 4. With two each from Mark Short and Pete Morgan Junior, who combined to win the doubles and so the match! Simon Pugh, Steven Horsfield and Jack Grant all won 3 to take down Swallownest MW A and register a 10 nil win for Stocksbridge A. Stocksbridge B meanwhile beat Abbeydale A 7 3. Tim Denby and Jake Meikle both trippled out in a 8 2 win for Crookes B against Northern General A!
Albert Premier A got a draw against Abbeydale C with Earnest Mpundo winnning all three. Crookes C were taken apart by Abbeydale D 1 9 with Simon Chung and Zaigham Mohammed both winning 3, Chun Cho winning 2! Abbeydale D followed up with another 9 1 against Albert Premier A. Abbeydale C lost to an in form Northern General B 3 7.
Mick Garrett and Nigel Coward won two each and doubles to carve out a draw for Crookes E against Hallam Grange A in 3. Whilst Pete Polocek and Pete Mannion replied for Hallam Grage, both with braces! Messrs Murray, Tetlow and Kortlander all winning two for Crookes F sealed the fate of Vulcan E 6 4.
Hallam Grange C beat Crookes H in a 7 3 route, due to John Daniels and John Whitchurch both winning 3 in Division 4.
HSBC were firing on all cylinders when High Green B came out to play. Zhe Dong, Chris Thompson and Adam Smithson winning three each for a 10 0. Crookes J lost 3 7 to Wadsley Bridge B. The man from Uncle Robert Vaughan won 3 again, as did his colleague Nick Hill, their other team mate John Hallgarth won 2 to round off a 9 1 victory against Crookes J. Telecom A beat HSBC 6 4 with Ron Firth winning all three. A keenly fought out draw between Dronfield and Vulcan H, meant two each for Hannah Jenkinson, Mick Ward of Dronfield and three for Terry Charles from Vulcan! Vulcan J on an away foray beat Shiregreen C on home turf 6 4.
Albert Premier C beat Hallam Grange E 7 3 with Shaun Alvey and Steve Turner winning 3 a piece. Meanwhile near the bottom of six Telecom B were held to draw by Tapton A with a hat trick by your correspondent. Wadsley Bridge D beat Abbeydale L 7 3 at Abbeydale.