Stocksbridge Shocker by Roger Bannister Sheffield Publicity
Current leaders Stocksbridge A, stumbled and finally fell against Crookes B who appear to be in good form! Tim Denby did most of the damage winning 3 and the doubles, aided by Kim Fung Chan and Jake Meikle. A surprising 4 6 to Crookes B
A great 7 3 win by Rotherham Scorpions A , against Abbeydale B pushes them up to mid table in Division 1. Crookes B are on a bit of a run and playing well, beat Vulcan A 8 2. Abbeydale A beat Northern General A 6 4. Crookes A stung the Scorpions where it hurt most! 8 2 to Crookes A.
Crookes D played Clifton A, losing 4 6 to the Rotherham side. Vulcan C wasted little time taking care of business against Shiregreen A 7 3. Vulcan D lost to Abbeydale D 6 4 despite home advantage. Crookes C beat Vulcan D 9 1, Eddie Fogg saved Vulcan's blushes.
in 3 Crookes E played Vulcan F winning 6 4. Abbeydale H sink further into the mire with a 3 7 result against Crookes E!
John Bradshaw won a credible 3 despite Vulcan G losing to Clifton B 4 6. Crookes G were surprised by Wadsley Bridge A losing 4 6. Cricketers drew with Hallam Grange C in Division 4. Hallam Grange B played Cricketers the following week and got a draw too!
HSBC drew with Shiregreen C in Division 5. Crookes J only playing with two managed a draw to Dronfield, with Ron Clapham winning all three. Abbeydale K are back to winning ways with a 9 1 result against High Green B and a 8 2 win against Vulcan J. John Daniels won three against Northern General D; helping Hallam Grange C win 6 4. High Green B beat Albert Premier B 9 1.
Wadsley Bridge D had a 8 2 result against Abbeydale L. Hallam Grange E 3 Albert Premier C 7.