Crookes double up and win top honours at a canter!         By Roger Bannister Sheffield Publicity

Crookes A took the Division 1 title and Three A Side, trophies.  The first being won by four points the second trophy being won 5  2.  This made them double champions, with a good team performance at almost every turn.  Despite a good performance and blending experience with youth, their closest rivals Stocksbridge A were runners up to Crookes in both events! Some matches were highly competitive, blood, sweat and many tears being shed along the way.

In Division 2 it was Vulcan C who won.  With a few matches outstanding we have yet to have a runner up in this Division. Vulcan C have gone through the season unbeaten, a rarity these days!

Into 3 and Abbeydale G won the title with Rotherham Scorpions B being runners up!  

In 4 Hallam Grange B have won the title, no matter what Clifton B do in their last fixture, as Hallam are 34 sets in Front.

In 5 Telecom A won the title with weeks to spare and by 8 points.  Shiregreen C are the runners up in this Division!

In 6 it was Wadsley Bridge D who won the League by 6 sets, with both them and Albert Premier C on 38 points, 18 wins, 2 draws and a lose each.  Wadsley Bridge D with 146 sets and Albert Premier C 140 sets.

Results sent to me this week.

Stocksbridge B 8 Swallownest Miners Welfare 2.  Andrew Horsfield winning all three.

In 2 it was a draw between Vulcan C and Abbeydale D, with Roy Bowes tripling up! Vulcan D were beaten 4  6 by Clfton B.  Crookes C beat Abbeydale C 7 3 with Matt Bacon winning his three.

In 3 Crookes F beat Shiregreen B 7 3 with Jack Murray winning 3.

In 4 Cricketers 10 Crookes G 0 with Alan Firth, David Cooper and Mark Pickersgill all winning maximums.

In 5 Crookes J 7 Albert Premier B 3 with Alan Scott winning his matches.  Wadsley Bridge C 1 Telecom A 9 with both Phil Powell and Ron Firth winning 3.  Vulcan J 5 High Green B 5, with Rob Vaughan getting 3 again.  Vulcan H 5 Wadsley Bridge B 5 with Pete Muscroft tripling. Dronfield 2 Shiregreen C 8.  

In 6 Wadsley Bridge D emphatically beat Telecom B 10 nil.  With Steve, Jack Cross and Dave Randall all winning three and the title!