The good the bad and the not so fortunate!                                                      By Roger Bannister Sheffield Publicity

 As the season draws to an end.  Most clubs have only one fixture, or fixtures yet to be arranged, due to bad weather! Some teams have been victorious others less so.  But we all try to enjoy nice game of Table Tennis wherever we play! Some Divisions already have champions, some Divisions have teams already relegated, but competing to the best of their abilities and with every stretched sinew. Whoever you are and how ever you have tried enjoy the game!

In Sheffield’s top Division, the title has yet to be decided.  Stockbridge A are still in there pounding out the performances, this time at Northern General A, where they won 9 1.  Stephen Horsfield and Simon Pugh both with three!  Crookes A not to be outdone, returned the favour, by travelling to Vulcan B and winning 8 2!  Richard Lightowler and Steve Crosby winning 3 each.   The following week Crookes A played Abbeydale A it was another 8 2 to put the pressure back on Stocksbridge A. Despite Luke Tattersall winning all his available sets, Vulcan A could only draw with an under strength Abbeydale B. 

Down to two Abbeydale C lost 4 6 to Vulcan D with Farrell Anthony winning his three!  In a clash that might decide who goes down from two in bottom slot, Crookes D had a great team result beating Northern General C 6 4; Andy Hepworth starring with three!  Abbeydale D won 9 1 at Swallownest Miners Welfare B, with Mick Jarvis stopping the whitewash!  Ernest Mpudu decided the match for Albert Premier A with 3 and doubles away at Northern General C.  The end result a 7 3 for Albert Premier A. Northern General B put paid to Crookes D stopping up in Week 24, beating them 8 2 and not doing their promotion prospects no harm at all!  Shiregreen A 1 Crookes C 9.

 Abbeydale H continued their wretched season losing 3 7 to Crookes F, with Jack Murray winning his 3.  Vulcan F 2 Abbeydale F 8.  Crookes E 4 Abbeydale G 6. This result assures Abbeydale G of the Division 3 crown! Rothertham Scorpions B 8 Vulcan F 2.  Steve Howard wins three and leads Abbeydale F to beat Crookes E 6 4!

 In four, with Sean Lawson and Malcolm Wigby winning 3 each it was a 8 2 win for Crookes G against Hallam Grange D.  Hallam Grange D already being relegated.  Abbeydale J 5 Hallam Grange C 5, a well contested fixture.  In a local derby Hallam Grange C were soundly beaten by Hallam Grange B, who are on the verge of winning 4!  Crookes H had a good win against Wadsley Bridge A winning 8 2, with Ron Watson and Abid Raja both winning 3.  With a Pat Thorley treble Northern General D beat Vulcan G 6 4.  A good all-round team performance from Vulcan G, meant them beating Cricketers 6 4..

 Abbeydaqle K are back to form with an 8 2 against third placed Dronfield. With David Elliott winning 3!  Just in HSBC beat Abbeydale K 8 2! Chris Thompson with three wins.

 With three from Mark Van Hoorebeek Abbeydale L drew with Albert Premier C, this has severely dented Albert Premiers C title ambitions!    Vulcan K had a chance of deciding who won Division 6, it was not to be as Wadsley Bridge D won the match 6 4 with Steve Cross leading his team to the title with a hat trick. Tapton A beat Vulcan K 7 3 mainly due to a Steve Charles hat trick!