President: Mr.R.Bly

Life Vice-Presidents: Mr.H.Sargent, Mr.J.F.Whidborne, Mr.D.Green.

Chairman: Mr. I. Folger, 35, Gibbons Drive, Sheffield S14 1BQ Telephone 2654472 (Home) Email:[.]uk

Vice-Chairman: Mr. R. Loxley, 91, Constable Road, Gleadless, Sheffield S14 1BD Telephone 07954 612254(mobile)

Hon. General Secretary: Mr. A Battye, 496, Manchester Road, Crosspool,Shefield S10 5PN Telephone 07886 896452(mobile) Email: STTLgensec@talktalk[.]net

Hon. Treasurer and Summer League Secretary: Mr. S. Wainwright, 129, Mount View Road, Norton Lees, Sheffield S8 8PJ Telephone 2585260 (Home) Email: stan.wainwright@uwclub[.]net

Hon. Competition Secretary and Webmaster: Mr. C. Straw, The Cottage, Upper Whiston Lane, Upper Whiston, Rotherham S60 4NG Telephone 01709 374669 (Home) NO CALLS AFTER 9-30pm PLEASE
Email: compsec@talktalk[.]net

3 A Side : Mr. I. Folger, 35, Gibbons Drive, Sheffield S14 1BQ Telephone: 2654472 (Home) Email:[.]uk

Development Officer: Mr.R.Loxley

Publicity Officer: Mr. P. Morgan

Schools Liaison Officer: Vacant

Junior League Secretary & Coaching Secretary: Mr.P.Wright,68,MelbourneAvenue,DronfieldWoodhouse,Dronfield.DerbyshireS188YW Telephone: 01246 416984(Home) Email: phil.zwright@talktalk[.]net

Sheffield Closed Secretary: Mrs C.Mckeown, 27 St Aidan's Rise, S2 2DB. Email -[.]uk

Handbook (Non Executive): Mr R. Hales, 38 Oldfield Avenue, Sheffield S6 6DQ Home Telephone: 2337784 Mobile: 07910 557866 Email: rogerhales@talktalk [.]net

Other Executive Members: Mr.J.Whidborne, Mr.M.Seddon

Board of Appeal Committee: Mr.P.Grafton(chair), Mr.F.Brailsford, Mr.R.Bowes, Mr.D.Burden, R.Bannister

Hon Auditors: Mr.G.Daly, Mr.P.Grafton

Tournament Committee: Mr.R Loxley - Chairman, Mrs C.Mckeown - Secretary, Mr.J Kenny - Organiser & Referee, Mr.A Battye; Mr.I Folger, Mr.S.Horsfield, Ms E.Ford, Mr.M.Seddon, Mr.N.Fletcher, Mr.C.Straw.

Formation of Divisions: Mr.C.Straw(chair), Mr.R.Hales, Mr.R.Loxley, Mr.S.Wainwright, Mr.I.Folger, Mr.T. Parsons:

Venues Committee: Mr.I.Folger (chair), Mr.J.Kenny, Mr.R.Watson

Finance Committee: Mr.S.Wainwright(chair), Mr.J.Whidborne, Mr.I.Folger

Technical Committee: Mr.J.Kenny(chair), Mr.A.Baldi, Mr.R.Bly.

SYCTTA National Councillor, Development Officer and Press Officer: Mr.R.Loxley

South Yorkshire County Chairman: Mr.S.Bibby